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Campaign for a Permanent Local Archaeology and History Display in Brighton Museum

Petition has been delivered to Brighton & Hove City Council

We, the undersigned, call on Brighton & Hove City Council and the Directorate of the Royal Pavilion and Museums to provide space and resources for a permanent display dedicated to the story of Brighton and Hove for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

We believe that such a display of the rich heritage of the Brighton and Hove area should be a core activity of the Brighton & Hove Museum Service. It is particularly pertinent in the light of the inclusion of prehistory and the Romans in the National Curriculum for Key Stages I and II.

We therefore call for the provision of suitable space for such a display in Brighton Museum and for resources to be secured to ensure the continuing maintenance, development and staffing for the display.


Article by the Argus on 14th July 2015 on the issue, reproduced with the kind permission of Neil Vowles and the Argus Argus Article


Updated 23rd November 2015

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