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The trench expanding
April 2015

The trench moving northwards
April 2015

Resistivity Survey at Ovingdean 1991
April 2015

Ovingdean geophysics 1999
April 2015

Busy in the south trench almost down to natural chalk and feature level May-July 2015


Flints more flints and now daub, all quite fascinating May-July 2015

Levelling off to the surrounding surface May-July 2015

Big John planning May-July 2015

Alison planning in the north trench May-July 2015


A tumble of flint but an edge appearing May-July 2015

Having found a double post hole looking for some more May-July 2015

Having removed some of the loose flints down to the layer below May-July 2015

Ovingdean 130615 post hole May-July 2015

The gully through the flint floor Aug-Sept 2015

Removing the upper fills from a trench cut in 2002 Aug-Sept 2015

Recording the Flint Floor Aug-Sept 2015

Working in the north trench in July

The Ovingdean Spur Aug-Sept 2015

Another ditch coming into view in the north trench Aug-Sept 2015

Below the chalk mound and into the Saxon layer Aug-Sept 2015

Post holes being revealed in the south trench Aug-Sept 2015

More post holes and another gully Aug-Sept 2015

Central sondage and post hole Oct-Nov 2015

Finding a nice rib bone Oct-Nov 2015

Finding a robbed out wall Oct-Nov 2015

A large pit or possible well Oct-Nov 2015

Post holes in all directions Oct-Nov 2015

Some nice medieval pottery Oct-Nov 2015

The boundary ditch Oct-Nov 2015

The east sondage down onto a soft loamy soil Oct-Nov 2015

YACs finding lots of bits and pieces Oct-Nov 2015

The north end of the beam slot trench and a wall in section Oct-Nov 2015

Total station training Oct-Nov 2015

Uncovering a large padstone Oct-Nov 2015

Layers of flints March 2016

Removing the upper layer of flints March 2016

A busy north trench March 2016

A ditch full of daub March 2016


A nice chalk footing, for a
building or something March 2016

A rich soil layer below the flints March 2016

Layers and layers March 2016

Below the mortared flint wall
another 2 layers of flints March 2016


Finding, pottery, bone and
oyster in the north sondage March 2016

The sondage in the north trench June & July 2016

The mortared wall in the south trench now very clear June & July 2016


Very in the new north east trench, loking for the ditch June & July 2016

A large group of YAC's along at Ovingdean June & July 2016

An interesting stratigraphy June & July 2016

Clives collection of daub charcoal and oyster shells June & July 2016


Examining the flint layers in the south trench June & July 2016

Some of Carols finds 2 whetstones and a latch June & July 2016

Lots going on in the north trench 2, June & July 2016


Working on the north boundary ditch Sept 2016

Working on the Saxon layers Sept 2016


The east section now being removed flint wall and all Sept 2016

Planning a possible detached kitchen area, loads of pottery Sept 2016

A pit and other features in the south trench east facing baulk Sept 2016


A pit packed with charcoal Sept 2016

A real mixture of daub and charcoal Sept 2016

Large chalk blocks being exposed Sept 2016

Removing the top soil in the new area Sept 2016

Removing the west block with charcoal and daub in the lower levels Sept 2016

Section drawing and planning all part of the recording Sept 2016

Section drawing and planning, al part of the recording (2) Sept 2016

Sectioning the possible well Sept 2016

Some planning training going on Sept 2016

Field walking at Ovingdean 8th Feb 2017

A winter walk at Ovingdean February 2017

Ovingdean Site April 2017


Inroads into the kitchen trench April 2017

Deturfing and sorting who goes where April 2017

Neil working in the well cleaning up the feature April 2017

Pottery eroding out of the daub layer 2, April 2017

Down the well in a harness April 2017

The north east trench with flint appearing is it a floor April 2017

The well north wall of chalk blocks April 2017

A robin at Ovingdean May 2017

On Site May 2017

Ditches and floors appearng May 2017

The well in the process of excavation may 2017

Planning the oyster shells June 2017

A busy YAC trench June 2017

Some people digging in the north east trench June 2017

Focused in the trenches June 2017

Getting down into the well June 2017

Alarna drawing a section July 2017

Ovingdean - pits and post holes all over the place June 2017

Ovingdean the well getting deeper June 2017

Ovingdean oyster shells in the well June 2017

Planning and section drawing training June 2017

The south trench July 2017

North trench 2
August 2017

A dark layer in the well
August 2017

An area of daub and fire-cracked flint in the south trench
August 2017

The north trench full of gullies, pits and post holes
September 2017

Some very deep pits
September 2017

Cutting test pits around the field
September 2017

Training and surveying on site
September 2017

Another busy day on site
September 2017

The well nearing completion, or least our maximum depth of digging 2 metres
September 2017

The pit filled with charcoal
October 2017

The BHAS team sheltering from the sun at tea time
October 2017

Defintely the bottom of the well that we can dig
October 2017

Pits post holes and ditches going in all directions
October 2017

A large stone block eroding out of the baulk, near the possible kitchen location
October 2017



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