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The Corona Virus Impact

The Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society has, like most organisations, been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. At present all field work is on hold until further notice. It is likely to stay that way until a suitable vaccine has been produced and it safe once again to work in the field.

It is possible that there could be some small scale geophysical surveying work and planning for that is in hand, but that will depend upon an appropriate license being forthcoming.

During the lockdown the finds from the 2019 season of digging at Rocky Clump have been studied and recorded. The finds are now ready for specialists, but will be on hold until at least one more season of digging at Rocky Clump has been completed.

The writing up of the second phase of excavations at Rocky Clump has been completed, as has the report for the excavation at Ovingdean conducted between 2002 and 2009. The reports are being edited and the drawings complete ready for publication in the Sussex Archaeological Society. The actual deposition date will be depend upon the receipt of outstanding specialist reports.

The BHAS website will announce the commencement of any field work once it is deemed safe to work out in the field. A season of lectures for both archaeology and local history are being planned, along with day schools. However, whether these actually happen will depend upon UK Government guidelines, and if it is possible to adhere to those guidelines as some of our venues are small which could restrict activities.




Updated 10th April 2021

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